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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 4, Spokane

In 2002 I took the coast to coast ride and to post on the web I needed to find public libraries to barrow time on their computers to update my site. I figured in the eight year difference between then and now, it would be a breeze to find internet connections if I brought my netbook along. Well I guess I was wrong, last night I was bogging from the only site in town, a dinner. Tonight I'm sitting on the stairs of a college student center, that is closed for summer vacation tapping into a very week signal. I guess I need to breakdown a get a cell phone internet connection.

Trip report:

Today was another long day about 95 miles.  After a 14 mile climb from the start we reached rolling roads with the wind in our faces. Almost the entire trip was into the wind. Many riders prefer mountains to wind because mountains have climbs followed by downhills, but wind can be against you all day long and that was the case today

With the multiple days of riding, many riders, myself included, are complaining of sore butts. The evening, I headed off to REI and bought a thickly padded set cover. We'll see if that works better.

The LASER show a the Grand Collie Dam was a average laser show, but the setting was very special. The LASERs were projected on the dam itself the made for a very impressive display, but the show's script could have been written by a 4th grade teacher for the students.

I'll be updating the site with pictures, but I need to find a better link than I've been getting up to now.

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  1. Did you get to overnight on real beds at Gonzaga University again?