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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 3 - Coulee Dam

Just a quick post.... I'm sitting in a dinner that closes in a couple of minutes.

Great sleep last night, cool dry air. Had to wake up early because it was a going to be a long day, 103 miles and a climb of over 5000 feet climbing. The weather was nice a cool and about 10 miles in a 6 mile climb at 6% climb began. I really had lots of fun on the the climb an enough energy to drop back down and do a portion of the climb again.

We popped out at the top on to a platitude with rolling hills. In a short time we reached the only espresso stop on today's ride. We hung out as long as we could before heading on. We road in groups of two, three and four rolling along with the wind giving use a pleasant push.

Lunch was a great spread as usual in a shaded park at almost the 60 miles. The remaining 40 plus miles was a bit problematic with the wind. Sometimes helping us, sometimes not as much. The last 7 miles was downhill to Coolie dam with the water roaring over the top of the dam. You can hear the noise more than a mile away.

The coffee shop is closing and I'm heading off the a 10PM LASER show projected on the wall of the dam. Time to go...  Good night


  1. Wow, you were up late tonight!

  2. Breakfast at the Electric City VFW again?

    Say hi to Jim & Lauri for me. Also ... I hear that you have Mark Oncale along with you. Say hi to him too.