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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 5 to Kellogg

This was the single day that becomes burnt into your brain as the day of cycling that you will never want to forget. The day was a cloudless blue sky with perfect biking temperature, just a bit on the cool side. We were routed onto a bike path and enjoyed the views along the river. Jumped on to the city streets for 5 to 8 miles then on to rural roads and finally on to a wonderful former rail road path for over 45 miles. Railroad paths are wonderful because the path is wide enough for bikes and often protected from the winds and in this case ran besides a breathtaking lake and river teeming with birds and even moose. I'll be posting the photos shortly.   

Tomorrow will be shorter miles, 69 miles with some signification climbs, but the spirits are high with only 2 more days of bike until we arrive in Missoula followed by our first day off on Sunday.

Gotta go, the morning will come early,


1 comment:

  1. awesome brian! looks like you guys are having a blast! keep it up. best-caitlin