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Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 8, Lincoln Mt: It's nice to have a picnic every day

A day off lifted the spirits of many of the riders. A day off allowed many of the riders, including me, to rest and recover from the 7 days of riding last week.

During the day off we mostly did laundry, slept later, had a leisurely breakfast, read the paper and cleaned the bikes. One of the things we tried to avoid was getting on the bike.

Today we started off in chilly temperatures, about 52 degrees. As the sun rose it felt nice to feel the sun shining on us. Since the ride was only going to be 80 miles we really weren't in a hurry today, making sure that we stopped and filled up at every water stop and stopping at almost all historical markers.

The title of today's blog is "It's nice to have a picnic every day". One of the other riders had mentioned it to me today. The picnic has become the highlight of each day with wonderfully thought out menus and tasty food to fuel our days. If you click the photos below, you can see some shots of the picnic.

Today would not be complete with out a short description of the hamlet of Orando. You had to go slightly off the route to find Orando but it was worth it. The town consisted to a cafe, general store, fishing store and a closed museum. The cafe was serving up espressos and cherry pies. I had the espressos and after talking with others, should have also had the cherry pie.

Tomorrow promises it have climbs in the morning followed by downhills then tailwinds in the afternoon. Sounds like paradise to me.


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  1. What kind of bike is Mark riding this year? Another exotic Trek?