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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 10, Ennis MT

Woke up a couple of times to the sound of rain on the tent. It had stopped by the morning but still threating to rain any any moment. About 9 miles into the 80 mile day, the rains finally in let loose with large rain drops hitting us. The traffic was pretty awful as well, with trucks zipping by on our left hitting use with a shower of misty rain.

About the 10 mile mark we passed a saloon on our right, all the riders that had left before us were huddled on the porch trying to stay dry. Since we were already soaking wet, it wasn't worthwhile to stop. We waved to them as we passed on by.

We could see that in the distance the clouds were breaking up and pretty soon the rain slowed. Our goal was a bakery (Wheat Montana) at the 30 mile mark. The sky was still overcast as we pulled in. We ordered baked goods and coffee and soon the Sun started to shine outside. Other riders also came spilling into the doors as well. You can tell by the photos below, that most of the riders were sitting outside enjoying the weather and trying to dry off.

Lunch was another 20 miles down the road and a gentle tail wind helped us along. Shortly before lunch an unexpected climb was encountered and with a lot of effort we rolled into lunch.

Today they had chilly on the menu as well as fruit salad and other sandwich fixings. With only 25 more miles to the end of the ride we rolled off. The reminder of the ride was lots of ups and downs and at 12 miles from the end, a very long uphill that seemed to go on forever!!

I'm being kicked out of the library and will have to finish this up later this evening.


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