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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 16 Riverton to Worland

What a difference a day makes! It was cool at the start but the ski was blue and clear. We warmed up quickly and needed to stop pretty quickly to take off our jackets and such. Then it was on to the first stop of the day, a cafe about 22 miles from the start. They had great cinnamon buns.

The ride today was spectacular. You could see the mountains where we were heading for miles. We even had a slight tailwind sometimes. As we approached the a opening in the mountains appeared and we slipped through between huge stone walls. The mountains were at one time the floor of a sea and since up lifted then glaciers cut their way though leaving exposed layers of sediment, the oldest being over 650 Million years! I just couldn't stop taking pictures. As you can see from the photos, there were some tunnels that we even biked through.

Lunch was at the Wedding of the Waters where to rivers combine to form the Big Horn. I was a wonderful spot to enjoy the views.

We departed and quickly ran into an espresso coffee stand. We all had coffee, the shot off to see the dinosaur center. It was easy to find, just follow the painted dinosaur tracks on the road. I should have taken more pictures of the center, but it was a great stop.

Next up was the hot spring of Thermopolis. We could have stopped and soaked in the hot springs, but needed to get going. By the time we rolled into town, many riders hailed us from the patio of a cantina. It was obvious from the number of beer bottles on the table, that they had been there for a while. We decided to join them for a beer or so.


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