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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 13, Jackson Wy

Hello, I'm writing this blog while in a laundromat on our weekly day off. It was so nice to sleep in to 7:30 this morning then head off to breakfast with at a local cafe. The collection of dirty clothes need to be washed and this laundromat has wi-fi wooo-hoooo.

Yesterday's ride started off pretty chilly. My thermometer indicated 46 degrees. The Ashton to Jackson ride included a climb over the Teton Pass of almost nine thousand feet. It would be a lot of work today.

Shortly after we got on the road I looked over my right shoulder to see a line of approaching dark clouds. I was not looking forward to biking up a mountain pass in cold rain. Our luck held out as the potential storm blew by us leaving blue skies and puffy white clouds for most of the rest of the day though it was pretty chilly for the rest of the day as you can tell by the jackets that the riders wore most of the rest of the day.

Coffee was at about the 20 mile mark before we hit lunch about 40 miles in the town of Driggs. As always the picnic stop was great. Today the special was Thai pasta salad. Very yummy. We then jumped on a bikepath that ran parallel to the main road of route 33 that dumped us out in the town of Victor. Though it was the 3rd of July, the town of Victor was celebrating the 4th of July. The main street was packed with traffic and the village park was wall to wall people. It was a great experience.

Before heading of of town a quick stop for espresso was made to give us a caffeine jolt before heading up the Teton Pass. As you can see in the photos, the pass claimed to be 10 percent grade, but my computer indicated 12 percent in spots. I was a long haul but we all made it to the top followed by a screaming drop to the Jackson Valley floor. 

We headed to Teton Village for fireworks that started at 10PM. The rest of today will be relaxing and preparation for next weeks's ride. The first part of Monday's ride will be heading north on the eastern side of the Tetons for more spectacular views.


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